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Chakras are centers of specific life energy -shaped or disk around the body . They represent openings which energy flows in our body . They have the ability to make bioenergy , reshape and re- radiate it . The chakras are placed one above the other in the middle of the torso - not cost alone , but are interconnected in a network of channels , so they interrelate .

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency , corresponding to a particular color and has specific characteristics that affect a specific area of ​​the body . Vitality at blocking any chakra ( may be even more , which happens often , since they are interrelated ) can flow freely - chakra be changed to a lower frequency vibrations and there is an imbalance in the human energy system . Blocking the chakras makes several aspects , for example . fear , frustration , tension , hatred , shock , envy , but also negative impacts on humans from the outside environment .

Approximation chakra system takes place when set vibrating frequency disharmonious chakra at a level that vibrate naturally. Acts of pure vibration blocked chakra vibrates rapidly, thus blocking gradually disappearing . This process of purification held back releasing energy blockages , which contains an entry once again into our consciousness . After removal of blockages and align the chakra system , return to the life of man pleasure , relaxation and clarity .

How energoterapeut I have been diagnosing and harmonizing chakra system. As the energy flows continuously and is also continuing its move , which affect the above aspects , on the initiative of my clients were established products , which serve as a guide for maintaining optimal state of energy in the chakras . Thus arose the first energy images ( mandala ) . Over time, my portfolio of manufactured products has grown , and I firmly believe that it will ever occur further that mimic each client bring health , joy and satisfaction not only the physical body but also the soul.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at ezozara@gmail.com.

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