Commercially conditions


These terms and conditions apply to the purchase in the online store, which is operated by Mgr. Monika Gučeková, based Palkovičova 4394/34, 95501 Topoľčany, ID: 47100435 (the seller) concluded by means of an electronic store (hereinafter referred to as "system '). Terms nearer to define and clarify the rights and obligations of the seller and his customers (buyers).


Order a conclusion of the purchase contract

All orders placed via the internet retail seller are considered binding. Placing an order the buyer confirms that he is familiar with these terms and conditions and complaint procedure and that agrees with them.
Order of the draft contract. The purchase contract actually arises upon receipt of ordered goods by the buyer.
The condition of the electronic order is complete all the registration form prescribed information and the terms and content approval orders.
The place of delivery is the address specified by the buyer on the registration form.
Title to the goods passes to the buyer receive the goods with the condition precedent of full payment of the purchase price plus the costs associated with the sale seller borne by the buyer.
By completing the registration form and sending the binding order in the online store buyer gives the seller consent to the collection and archiving of personal data and on the buyer purchases (see Privacy clients).
The buyer has the right to cancel an order without giving a reason at any time prior to its binding confirmation by the seller. After an order is confirmed only if the seller fails to comply with the agreed terms of delivery. In case of cancellation of confirmed orders the buyer is liable for damage incurred by the seller negotiation. Seller exercises its right to payment of damages especially in the case of purchase of goods "to order", which was necessary to obtain customer's request or in the event that in the context of ensuring the goods were already demonstrable costs. The amount of cancellation charges can be up to 50% of the total price of the goods.


Sale of goods abroad

We want to meet the wishes of all customers regardless of the place of delivery. If it is outside the SR, we handle payment and delivery options individually depending on your place of residence and the size and weight of the goods ordered.
Payment Options

Bank transfer to our account in the bank ČSOB
Payment on delivery - Slovak Post (mailman leaves in your mailbox ticket with the number of items - consignment should pick up on that post)

Shipping and Delivery

An important consideration for foreign customers the cost of transport. This amount is determined individually depending on the total order price, size, volume and location of delivery. This information will, of course, we can provide before the actual order.

In the event that you accept these terms of delivery, does not prevent us nothing to the success of business. The goods are sent abroad by Slovak Post.

On delivery to the Czech Republic pay the price of goods and services calculated to EUR according to the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Slovakia (
Terms of delivery, shipping time and shipping

All goods are displayed in the title is in stock. I am able to and dispatched within 2-5 days (up to 7 calendar days) after the order confirmation.
Every customer is informed of the shipment of goods by email. Order you can check when you log in the system. The status of customer orders is also notified by e-mail.
Goods delivered by Slovak Post to the address specified in the customer order.
Delivery of goods on the territory of the Member States of the European Union, if necessary. other states take place on the basis of mutual consent and prior written approval of the rates for shipping and or. other delivery conditions between the buyer and seller.
Seller reserves the right to extend the deadline for dispatching the product is currently not in stock, was delivered on time and below the manufacturer., Or there are other unforeseen events. Potentially another expedition within the customer will be informed by e-mail, or by telephone.
As part of the goods ordered either not currently in stock or need to custom-make, your entire order will suspend the customer and the approximate time possible equipment entire order. Customer us on the basis of this information may apply to the sending of goods, which is in stock, within the period prescribed terms and conditions and the remainder as soon as possible. In this case, the client pays shipping for both items.
Products that you have ordered from us will be delivered by post. Product standard size or goods heavier than 30 kg will be delivered in a way that will be agreed separately.
Seller is not responsible for late delivery of goods caused by the carrier, mail, delayed delivery by the manufacturer, and so on.

Terms and option payments for goods (shipping)

In retailing it is possible to pay for goods ordered two ways:
payment for goods in advance for sending mail Slovak - one-time transfer from an account in the bank account of the seller
payment of cash on receipt of the goods at the Slovak post office, postage will be increased by a surcharge on delivery that the seller must pay the post office
Serves as an invoice delivery note.
All prices are final (without VAT - we are not subject to VAT).
If the seller fails to comply with the contract, it can not deliver the ordered goods or services are provided, it shall immediately inform the consumer and within 15 days of his return the price paid for goods or advance where the seller and consumer may agree on compensation.
Payment terms and description of the types of payments are specified on pages forms of payment, shipping and handling.

Undelivered shipments

If the mail is returned as undelivered without our fault (mail recipient not found, notified the attempted delivery, customer shipment inadvertently or deliberately not taken, etc..) Will send the customer an e-mail message with the request for information, what to do next with his order. The answer to this challenge is expected within 7 days of sending the message.
If a customer asks us to re-dispatch of consignments received previously to the total price of the consignment second handling fee and postage as the first shipment.
Resend undelivered shipment is possible only on payment in advance.
As our customer to call the proposed deadline to reply, cancel the order. The customer cancels the order said. In this case, the customer's next purchase possible only after the payment of goods in advance (bank transfer). If Payment will be okay, this payment limitation for further cancel the order.
Any claims will be processed in accordance with claim regulations internet retail seller and the law in force in the Slovak Republic.

Withdrawal from the contract (mail order)

The consumer is entitled, without giving any reason to cancel the contract within seven working days of receipt of goods or the conclusion of the service contract if the seller timely and properly comply with information obligations according to § 10 Act no. 108/2000 Z.z..
Given that in the event the contract is canceled from the start, return or replace the supplier to the buyer and buyer to the supplier received all mutual transactions.
If the customer decides to withdraw from the contract within the period referred to in paragraph 1, it shall comply with the following conditions:
contact us (see contact) that calls for withdrawal, stating the order number, name and surname, date of purchase and your account number or address for a refund.
if the buyer received the goods and took over, send it back to our address stated in the contact section and under the following conditions:
- Products must be in original undamaged packaging
- The goods must not be used
- The goods must not be damaged
- The goods must be complete (including the package insert, etc.).
- The goods must be sent along with proof of purchase
if all the above conditions for return will send money for goods transfer to your account within 14 working days after physical receipt of goods.
items, please send by registered and insured, as we are not liable for any loss towards us. COD Shipments accept.
in case of failure of any of the above conditions unfortunately we can not accept cancellation of order and goods will be returned at the expense of sending back.

Privacy customers

The condition of your order is recording your personal information.
Providing personal data is optional, voluntary, but in the absence of which will not be possible to satisfy your requirements and enable you to purchase in our online store.
Seller respecting the privacy of individuals is committed to only collect personally identifiable information (information that enable or facilitate the identification of any person, for example. Name, address, e-mail ...), and that we ourselves voluntarily provide, and they urgently need in order providing the best possible service.
Personal data which are part of the order and we were notified during registration customer, our company are considered confidential and are protected from abuse.
By submitting a binding order grants the buyer of our society indefinite consent to the processing of personal data. Our company records and processes the personal data you provide for the purpose of trade and services.
Seller agrees that personal data provided by you exclusively use the fact that we are together with you in order to completely fulfill your needs and requirements and continually improve the services of our company.
Seller agrees that information about the personal information collected through our website and online store, not to divulge, sell, or rent, unless that fact is not subject to mutual agreement before trade.
Seller may use personal information sporadically or in part, in summary form only for the purpose of statistical analyzes, analyzes or reports, provided that the thus obtained data will not gather any personal identification information specific person.
The seller is obliged to disclose an essential part of your personal data transport companies which provide transportation of our products to you based on your binding order. These companies are responsible for protecting your personal data in accordance with the applicable law of the Slovak Republic.
The provision of personal data is voluntary and optional. Seller will your personal information be received, used, stored and removed in accordance with the internal normative legal acts of the company, particularly in accordance with the Act No.428/2002 Coll. privacy.
According to § 20, para. 3 of the Law on personal data protection you are entitled to (a) at any time in writing to object to the further processing, respectively. use of your personal data, even if the postal, electronic or telephonic contact.
The seller will contact you only if you give us your telephone (fax) number or e - mail address. If we are going to find you and you will not be interested in receiving more information from us about our products, please let us know any of the options.
If you provide your personal information anytime you are able to change the data, respectively. remove them and under conditions that can notify us by telephone or by sending an e-mail.
Seller shall keep your personal information secure and they are protected from unauthorized interference, especially misuse or disclosure in a way that is exhaustively defined in the relevant internal normative act of our society.
If you wish to update your information or to obtain information about complex data protection in our company, please write to us or contact us by any of the featured options.
Seller reserves the right, if necessary, update the information contained in this website and related data protection.

Complaints procedure online store

Under the Civil Code is applicable to all goods warranted for 2 years. The warranty also excludes defects or damage to the product resulting from misuse, improper use, improper treatment of products and others. Begins to run on the date of receipt by the buyer. When making a claim, the buyer must prove that the goods were purchased from the seller if the defect can be removed, the buyer has the right to be free, timely and properly removed. The seller is obliged to defect without undue delay to remove. The seller can always instead of removing defects replace the defective thing for durability. The rest apply to liability of the seller for defects in the goods provisions of generally binding regulations.


Final provisions

These terms and conditions apply as that is listed on the vendor website on the day of dispatch of an electronic order buyer. By submitting an electronic order buyer unconditionally accepts all the provisions of the terms and conditions as amended at the date of dispatch of the order, as well as the date of dispatch of the order valid price of ordered goods (including shipping and handling) appear on the Web Stores seller, if not in specific cases clearly states otherwise. By submitting the order (draft contract), the buyer irrevocably bound.