N9O10 - chakra bracelet

Individual stones chakra bracelets:

CARNEOL ( 5 x in bracelet)- acts on the sacral chakra (orange), which is located in the upper part below the navel, above the sexual organs. When the blocking occurs blocking emotions, sexual coldness and creative energy. Carnelian is the carrier of the orange ray, takes in problems with abdominal, lower abdomen, problems with digestion and bowel disease, in fever, in diseases of the blood. It helps in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, problems with lower back and croup, menstrual pain, blood problems (high blood pressure, poor blood clotting).

TURQUISE ( 4 x in bracelet) - acts on the neck-chakra (blue), which is located in the neck hole. It causes blockage in humans nepriebojnosť, problems with expressing their own opinions and inability to communicate. Turquoise stone is called stability relationships. Lets spiritual attunement and enhances communication between the material and spiritual world. Helps with inflammation of the throat, tonsils, problems with lung, thyroid, bronchitis, inflammation of the kidneys, positive effect on rheumatism, gout, burning "burn".

One size.

Package includes a description of the bracelet (use care stone).

15.00 €do košíka

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