N9Ž6 - chakra bracelet

Individual stones chakra bracelets:

YELLOW CALCITE (4 x in bracelet) - acts on solar plexus chakra (yellow), which is located in the navel (about two fingers above the navel) and the bottom of the rib cage. Its blocking reductions are mainly due to the adoption of solar energy and vitality, and self-esteem.
Yellow calcite is the cornerstone of ensuring spiritual connection to higher consciousness, enhances intuition, creative thinking. It acts as a powerful amplifier and cleaner energy.
Promotes deposition of calcium in the bones, strength strengthens bones and joints, beneficial effect on the intestinal flora and the skin, promotes blood clotting, tissue healing, strengthens the immune system.

ROSE QUARTZ (3 x in bracelet) - acts on the heart chakra (green), which is located in the center of the chest, between the nipples. In its blocking one becomes sad, vulnerable, insecure in emotional matters, it occurs in the absence of self-love, which results depending on the type people.
Rose quartz is the stone of love and artists .. It adds a human beauty and harmony, tenderness and happiness in love. Supports the human artistic and creative skills. Brings the joy of life. Deepens the emotion and tenderness.
It helps people with heart diseases, anemia, leukemia, insomnia, infertility, multiple sclerosis is soothing.

MAGNESITE (2 x in bracelet) - acts on the crown chakra (white), which is located above the top of the head, used to receive energy from the cosmos. Blocking it causes mental and nervous disorders.
Magnesite is a cornerstone of cleansing and will. It adds a human detachment, understanding the problems of others, detoxifies the body.
It helps to relieve headaches, cleanses the entire body, lowers cholesterol, treats cysts, excessive sweating and obesity.

One size.

Package includes a description of the bracelet (use care stone).

15.00 €do košíka

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