Cleansing negative energies of area

Our homes are our sacred places where our soul has found its peace. This "sacred tabernacle of peace" may be a breeding ground for negative emotional energy not only from the previous owners, but also from ourselves, family or friends.

Although man is like a sponge sucks-energy, even negative ones, some of them remains in the area. Not realizing that energy as sadness, hopelessness, anger, envy, hatred, quarrels or negatively affect not only himself, but also the space in which these energy releases of yourself or at a given position and let others.

Negative space filled so ultimately is not exactly the most favorable impact on the people who reside in the area or are staying, what time can again bounce back to health.

The space around us, however, not only to our homes, but also a work environment where negative energy in the form of stress, pressure or voltage is present on a daily basis.

Our homes and workplaces is therefore necessary to maintain the clean energy. it is therefore necessary to maintain the energy clean.