Cutting cords energetically

One of the most important things a person can do for the development of their relations is the intersection of energy pout (fiber), which still combine his previous relationships and prevent him from completing these relations. The process of intersection of handcuffs energy is the most important step to complete past relationships. It is necessary to remove all energy fibers, which are connected souls. Liberated soul can thus conclude the chapter and is ready to move to the next level of relations, events and experiences.

Most people do not realize that if the other person will create a deeper emotional bond (traumatic or painful events such as breakups, sadness or anger from him, but also feelings of betrayal), their energy systems become interconnected. The person can only among themselves generate energy fibers, which are related to one another between one or more chakras.

Frequency of thoughts and emotions that man had with this person will resonate with the energy chakras.
For example, if a person encounters sadness or betrayal may form energy between the fibers of the heart chakra of the person and the person to whom it is caused by emotional tension concerns. This means that even if the relationship ends, the energy level is still going on, so the energy drama, pain and suffering continues.

Unless energy fibers intersected often happens that there is a jam in the low frequencies-karmic relationship loops, where the same relationship problems happening again and again. All painful and traumatic experiences that have formed in the past relationship then be recorded in the memory of the soul and will adversely affect another relationship. Frequencies of unresolved karmic energy and fiber links so again resonate towards new people if events in accordance with the frequency of abuse, anger, sadness, betrayal, grief, pain and mental injuries. This Act shall take effect on the next relationship, which will tend to translate into a new relationship all this anger and pain of the past.

Such relationship cycle will continue over and over again, while man often is not even aware of why their new relationship failed again or why not attract into your life different type of person. Energy blockages are still stiff and continues to add more negative frequencies, which ultimately has a negative impact on human health and wellbeing.