Chakra Diagnosis and Harmonization

Chakras are centers of specific life energy-shaped or disk around the body. They represent openings which energy flows in our body. They have the ability to make bioenergy, reshape and re-radiate it.

The chakras are placed one above the other in the middle of the torso-not cost alone, but are interconnected in a network of channels, so they interrelate. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, corresponding to a particular color and has specific characteristics that affect a specific area of ​​the body.

Vitality at blocking any chakra (may be even more, which happens often, since they are interrelated) can flow freely-chakra be changed to a lower frequency vibrations and there is an imbalance in the human energy system. Blocking the chakras makes several aspects, for example. fear, frustration, tension, hatred, shock, but also negative impacts on humans from the outside environment.

Approximation chakra system takes place when set vibrating frequency disharmonious chakra at a level that vibrate naturally. Acts of pure vibration blocked chakra vibrates rapidly, thus blocking gradually disappearing.

After removal of blockages and align the chakra system, return to the life of man pleasure, relaxation and clarity.